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4 Lessons Of A Converted Heart

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Once you’ve been converted strengthen your brother... whatever you feed yourself will fuel your pursuit or lack thereof.

On January 19, 2018, at 9:40am, I received a call from my husband who was under distress indicating that he was experiencing shortness of breath and chest pains and was driving to the nearest clinic.

Polished Power Thought

I immediately prayed and took authority over the symptoms...

I recall not feeling alarmed, but I could hear the pain in his voice, so I immediately prayed and took authority over the symptoms and asked him to call me once he arrived. I continued doing my work and sent a text to my parents letting them know the situation. We all came together into agreement for his health and well-being.

Immediately, thoughts of that morning came rushing back as he hugged and held me a little longer than usual; I saw him kissing our three girls while they sat at the breakfast table; and flashes of him not being here tried to flood my imagination.

Polished Power Thought

I took authority over every negative thought...

Thankful for the message that I had received the Wednesday before dealing with the mind and preparing your mind, I went into what I knew to do! I took authority over every negative thought and declared by speaking the opposite until the spirit of fear left me!

I then begin thinking how I could get to him. He eventually made it to a Patient First and then was transported by ambulance to the nearest hospital. My father drove me to the hospital, and I my eyes finally landed on ‘My Handsome’ sitting up in a bed of the Emergency Room (ER) at peace yet battling.

The Diagnosis

After getting updated, the diagnosis was atrium filtration, also known as AFib. Mind you, this came out of nowhere! He took the steps into work like normal and upon his arrival to the top began to feel uneasy. We knew this was a direct attack from the enemy. I called his parents after not receiving a response to my initial text sent. My mother-n-love sent a text indicating that they knew that this attack on their seed was in direct retaliation against the prayers they had prayed the night before. Can I say that my mother-n-love became even more armed and dangerous!!! Meanwhile, she called my mom, gave her the 411 and it continued to be on in the spirit. I received a prayer via text that his parents had prayed over him, and I declared it again while at the ER.

This Is Happening!

Now! Hello emotions!!! While sitting in the room, my mind was like this is not really happening! Yes! This IS really happening! Meanwhile, our assistant Pastor, Pastor Gabriel turned the corner and when I say he looked the angel Gabriel turning that corner, I mean it! I felt even more at peace by his presence. As I sat there, praying at times then talking, I thought, what was my purpose for coming? I wasn’t just a pretty wife coming to be at my husband’s side for moral support - no. I was to be releasing the kingdom of God reinforcing our inheritance of divine health! I turned on some instrumental music to begin saturating the atmosphere as medical staff came in and out.

Anytime we were notified of my husband’s present condition, my father was diligent to remind us to go after that in the spirit, canceling that diagnosis, and we did! Do you know how important it is to have the right people around you in a time of crisis? Do you know how important it is to already have ammunition that you can draw from prior to a time of crisis so that when in the battle, you know what to do?

You see that morning; I had already bowed in worship thanking the Lord for His covenant of protection at work in my family’s lives. I thanked him repeatedly for my husband and the plans that He had for our lives after recalling to remembrance, replaying or reading some of the prophetic words spoken over our lives. What was I doing? Putting my Father in remembrance of His word, not knowing that I was also preparing for the battle that I would be presented with in the coming hours.

I can recall during my unmarried days how I would run around my house giving thanks to the Lord while worshiping Him freely. Then, the thought would come to mind and I would ask the Lord, ‘When I marry, will I still have the freedom to worship you like this?” Then turn that question into a request of Thanksgiving for the desires that I had for a godly mate. Well, my God answered that criteria and gave me more because He knew what I would need.

It was a blessing watching my husband in between breaths speak over his body and declare the word of the Lord. Note: When you choose to marry, choose purpose over looks! Looks won’t get you out of a tough situation, pray the prayer of faith when needed or be able to raise those children. Divine purpose will put you in position to wage war and be victorious in every area of your lives and when in agreement with the word of God, all things become possible.

Okay so back to the ER. Thankfully, the EKG did not show heart attack or damage to the heart. They explained A-Fib and told us that the heart was pretty much out of rhythm and needed to convert back to its original rhythm. So bottom line, we needed his heart to convert back! My husband immediately responded, “I have a converted heart.” His confidence in his spiritual conversion was commanding his natural conversion to manifest!

This brother was so confident during the battle, not to mention looking fine as ever! I thought to myself at some point, I’m not leaving his side with all these smiling nurses coming in to check his vitals! I know, fleshly thought, but it was real!!! I made sure they did their job and that only!

Finally, while in the ER, we were given a few scenarios to help bring healing to his condition. One option included putting him to sleep and shocking his heart back into rhythm and the other allowing the medicine to work for a while to see if that would convert his heart but would require staying overnight. Now the doctor is talking to me and my husband about the options as he put the others out of the room. I was cognizant enough to put my phone on record as I felt a little overwhelmed. I asked him to give us a few minutes and allowed my father and Pastor Gabe to return. We went over the options with them while I’m asking Holy Spirit what we need to do. All along, thoughts are still running through my mind, like this is still really happening and you’re about to make one of the most important decisions in your life!

It was as if Holy Spirit knocked me over the head, duh! He doesn’t need to be shocked, administer the medicine and believe God for the heart to be converted. The staff looked shocked that we chose the latter as my husband reminded them that he already had a converted heart!

After that decision, my father took me to get my husband’s car from Patient First, grabbed something to eat and returned to the hospital. Pastor Gabriel remained with him and provided updates to me during my absence. Upon my return, they moved him to room, 310. Once settled, he continued to receive calls and really couldn’t rest which was evident by spikes in his heart rate. With every report, I sent back to the team of intercessors, and we would see results of their prayers. His evening nurse came in and reiterated his condition, informing us that her husband dealt with the same condition and was living with it and was like the medicine may or may not work. My husband immediately let her know that he already had a converted heart! I was like “BAM, take that!”, inside my mind, of course!

We really went to work after that! We began playing healing scriptures with worship music and rested. Initially, I was walking the room, the Holy Spirit was like sit down, you’re tired too! Listen to these scriptures and rest. I pulled my seat next to my husband’s bed and watched him repeat those healing scriptures over himself. I took his bible out of his bag and read them while they played. Where the scripture reads hat the word of God is quick and active - it means it! God’s word was bringing peace and confidence concerning that situation! My husband went from having two medicine drips to one, to none. My prayer after his initial call to me was that he would not be administered any medicine that was unnecessary for his recovery. I saw them prescribe a medication only for the Cardiologist to come in and override. Come on Jesus!!!

About 9:30pm, my husband said, “We just broke through! I feel a full release!", as he laid his hand on his heart. We began to thank God for the breakthrough. Now, prior to that, about a few hours, the nurse came running in and took him off of the final drip as she said his heart rate was dropping too low and the medicine was doing was it was supposed to do. When the nurse returned at 10:10pm with a smile and two thumbs up, stating, “it converted back”. My husband smiled in confirmation to what he had already experienced 40 minuets earlier. She looked at me and all I could say was, “Thank you, Jesus”. She left and we praised God for the conversion and answering the prayers of the righteous!

4 Lessons Of A Converted Heart

  1. Once you’ve been converted strengthen your brother... whatever you feed yourself will fuel your pursuit or lack thereof.

  2. Know those that labor among you - assess those in your life; know their role and purpose as well as what they possess that’s a benefit to you.

  3. Prepare now! A day of adversity will always present itself. How will you respond?

  4. Marry Up!

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1 Comment

What a beautiful message. I smiled when I read the question of whether you would be able to praise after marriage. Having known your husband and his family for years, I could expect you to be blessed with nothing less. I pray that you will continue to write. You have a gift.

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