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Someone's Depending On You

Did you know that your very presence speaks? You never know who’s watching and what they’re gleaning from your life.

Growing up as the oldest, I’ve always felt that others were depending upon me. Whether the need was from my siblings or my parents needing me to do something on their behalf. Early on, I quickly learned to pay attention and to always be ready.

Polished Power Thought

Pay attention and always be ready.

As a young adult, God orchestrated my path and I found myself serving under the leadership of Bishop Daniel and Co-Pastor Elena Robertson, Jr. My Co-Pastor would always remind us that, “Someone is depending upon you.” Notice that her statement was in the present tense which meant that at any moment, you could be called upon.

Holy Spirit Reminder

As I was driving to a hair appointment, Holy Spirit reminded me of those words. As one that doesn’t prefer to be out in the front, my hesitation —— No. Let’s call it what it is... fear of DOING was all centered around me. What if I didn’t do what was required, right? What if I didn’t say it correctly? What if the person didn’t like it? What are they going to think?

Polished Power Thought

They’re depending upon the God in you to show up.

Holy Spirit said to me, “They’re depending upon the God in you to show up, not Patience!” When I heard that, it took all the pressure off. I’m not saying that every situation I find myself in will be easy but if I take my focus off of myself and depend upon Him to do it with and through me, I believe that I’m going to have a better outcome. Who cares if I fumble over my words or need to enlist the help of someone else because I don’t have an immediate response?

Your Presence Speaks

Did you know that your very presence speaks? You never know who’s watching and what they’re gleaning from your life. You might not even need to open your mouth! You’re not living for them but for Him and as a result, the lives of others are impacted.

The purpose of someone depending upon you is to provide the help that’s needed at that moment. Therefore, when the focus is on others, you become the conduit in which the help can flow through, but you’ve got to be connected to the Source.

I’m reminded of the scripture where Jesus said, apart from Me, YOU can do nothing. Thus, in knowing and remaining connected to Him, we learn more about ourselves as His image bearers.

Find It Hard? Feeling Tired?

In my various assignments, when I find it hard or feel overly tired, and even limited in my patience with others, it’s because I’m relying on self to do the “doing” and not Him. When the enemy tries to bring fear upon me, I give him back God’s word which silences his voice and confuses his plans.

Philippians 2:13 (AMPC)

Meditate on this scripture as you move forward in your doing. “[Not in your own strength] for it is God Who is all the while effectually at work in you [energizing and creating in you the power and desire], both to will and to work for His good pleasure and satisfaction and delight.”

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