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Walking in What You Believe

Did you know that your life is a walking billboard?

It was the second-to-last week of school and as it was my custom, I greeted my students at the door as they walked into the classroom. On that morning, one of my little friends was extremely excited and could hardly wait for our Morning Meeting.

Polished Power Thought

Our decisions result in the type of fruit that we produce.

During Morning Meeting, the children greet one another, share out, participate in an activity, and read the morning message for the day. As I went around the circle, one friend directed my attention to their feet. They had a new pair of Chuck Taylors on, but these were different. They were personalized Chucks and to my surprise had our class name monogrammed on them. My classroom is known as Team Scott. At the end of every Morning Meeting, we read the Team Scott Declaration together which sets the tone for our day. Within this declaration, we declare what we’re capable of accomplishing, reminding ourselves of the tools that we’ve been given to succeed while acknowledging our individual responsibility to contribute to a successful day.

The student immediately shared how their family questioned their desire to have Team Scott written on their sneakers. Questions such as, “What happens when you outgrow them?” “What will happen when you go into fourth grade and won’t be in the same class?” The student began to share how they were firm in their decision and couldn’t be persuaded otherwise. From that morning on, I was amazed and in awe of how a child had received not just what I had taught academically but had truly adopted the spirit and culture of our classroom as their very own. So much that this student was literally walking in what they believed. As that student traveled throughout the building, I had different students and colleagues share their insights about this student’s love for our class.

As I later reflected, I couldn’t help but think about how our beliefs are seen through our actions. Okay…I’m ringing the school bell to get your attention! Words are one thing, but our actions speak louder than any word ever spoken. Do you remember when Jesus asked Peter if he loved him? After Peter’s indifferent responses, Jesus finally told him to prove his love by feeding His sheep. Peter quickly learned that lip service wasn’t going to be enough. Lip service is nothing more than a false intent to get the attention of others; but sadly, it adversely affects the vessel in which it comes through the most.

Here are three questions to consider.

1. Are you walking in what you really believe?

2. To what level of conviction is your life being displayed?

3. Did you know that your life is a walking billboard?

Jesus said, “you will know them by their fruits” (Matthew 7:16). Our decisions result in the type of fruit that we produce. We must ask ourselves if our decisions are helping others to succeed or remain average. It takes true courage to walk out what you believe whether good or bad. One thing I love about God is that He has always honored choice. He’s not going to make you do anything. He sets before every person life and death, blessing and cursing. But then goes ahead and tells you what you should choose, life. The decision to choose life is not just for your sake but for those that are connected to you “…so that you and your seed may live”. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

What has the Father spoken to you to do? How many times have we told ourselves or others this is what I’m going to do but allowed other things to distract us or other people to talk us out of what we thought we believed? My little friend could only put Team Scott on their shoes because over time the seeds that were being planted in their heart eventually took root and produced strong conviction that served as evidence. We must protect what goes into the ground of our heart knowing that one day, there’s going to be fruit that displays what we believe: whether good or bad. Are you walking in what you believe?

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